About us

Costa Rica condominiums

 Participating in the global market, with a focus on niche opportunities

El Paso Group is a leader in acquiring a wide range of TOP real estate. Finding ruff diamond is hard, but not impossible. We can do it!
We look for the following in our potential acquisitions:


  • Beach-front
  • Ocean-view
  • Resorts
  • Hotels
  • River side
  • Interesting Farms with river and/or waterfalls
  • Developing land
  • SPA’s
  • B&B
  • Foreclosures
  • Distress owner
  • Other opportunities

Principle of El Paso S.A. successfully manged various acquisitions in Canada for 20 years before moving into new territory in Latin America. In Costa Rica we spend so far 25 years. We understand the character, history, positive and negative characteristics of this country, This is the strongest factor that we are building our foundation on. We speak the language, made many acquaintances and made some great contacts.  We know well the country and able to recognized opportunities when we see one.

Establishing El Paso club membership we are able to share our knowledge with you as well.
We are looking for long lasting and harmonious relationship.